ART123 Gallery, Gallup, NM 

September 11 - October 1, 2021

Check the video for a full slide show of the entire catalog.

365 DAYS WORTH is a collection of digital art by ' Navajo artist Christian Bigwater which will be on Display at ART123 Gallary in Down Gallup, New Mexico from September 11th through October 1, 2021. VIDEO LINK -> https://youtu.be/hgqaF9c5U7s

The Reason

I wanted to challenge my self to produce one art peice a day, sadly the pressures of life caused me to complete this challenge in the span of three years - instead of one. 

The Method

The art work was created using an Ipad and Apple Pencil along with the Procrete, Sketch, and Adobe Illustrator app. The prints are of archeival paper and ink quality. 

A world without creativity would be nothing but a dark empty void.

Pedro Prank

Christian Bigwater