Unpacking ‘Pixels’: An Exploration Into Christian Bigwater’s Digital Art Journey

By Christian Bigwater

As we enter the gallery, the first thing that seizes our attention is Christian Bigwater's ‘Pixels’, a collection that vibrantly dances between past and present, tradition and technology, myth and reality. This body of work is more than just an exhibition; it is Bigwater's invitation for us to step into his world and the intricate stories it holds.

Each artwork in 'Pixels' bears the distinct signature of Bigwater's innovative approach to digital art. Rooted in his Navajo heritage, he uses pixels as a storytelling medium, blending cultural narratives with contemporary aesthetics. Through geometric shapes, earthy tones, and dramatic splashes of color, Bigwater paints a picture of his culture that is both stunningly modern and deeply rooted in tradition.

Take the piece titled 'MMIW', for example. It represents the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement, a social issue that has seen a surge in attention through social media. Glitches incorporated into the artwork symbolize technology's role in highlighting these challenges, creating a poignant, powerful reflection of a contemporary issue deeply tied to the artist's heritage.

The fusion of tradition and modernity is also evident in 'Top of the World’. This fashion-inspired piece showcases a model figure adorned with traditional native designs, celebrating the synergy of traditional elements with modern design aesthetics.

What makes 'Pixels' particularly intriguing is its reflection of the digital age we live in, combined with a deep exploration of Bigwater's rich Navajo heritage. This connection is not just limited to the visual elements of his work, but extends to the production process as well. Bigwater uses the Canon PRO-1000 to produce high-resolution prints on fine art paper, which allows for a stunning representation of color and detail, encapsulating the essence of his work in vivid pixels.

In conclusion, Christian Bigwater's 'Pixels' is a vibrant exploration of culture and identity in the digital age, a journey at the crossroads of tradition and technology. It’s an experience that promises to ignite conversations, encourage deeper understanding, and take viewers on an unforgettable journey through the lens of a truly unique artist. It serves as a testament that every pixel indeed has a story to tell.