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First edition prints of oil on canvas painting entitled 'I pledge allegiance to the achii'

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After numerous interest in the above painting entitled 'I pledge allegiance to the achii' I've decided to product 20 first edition prints which I plan on making available for purchase. These prints are 24"x36" prints on photo archival paper and will go nicely in any hogan. The painting its self is oil on canvas and is 24"x36" with handmade gold colored frame. The elements of the painting include a Bird Bird Flour seal representing the blue and stars on the US flag. The white portion is illustrated through the use of white corn which is a common Navajo food staple. The red depiction is achii, which is a Navajo dish made from the intestine of a sheep which is wrapped around fat from the same sheep. The achii in the painting is in its raw state but traditionally the food item is grilled over an open fire and served preferably with a Navajo tortilla (my preference of course).

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