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Christian Bigwater is Diné (Navajo), and of the Kinlicheeni Clan (Red House-Zia) and born for the Totsonii Clan (Big Water). He hails from Canyon...
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9 prints left  I pledge allegiance to the ach'ii (PRINTS AVAILABLE)   After numerous interests in the painting entitled "I pledge allegia...
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After numerous interest in the above painting entitled 'I pledge allegiance to the achii' I've decided to product 20 first edition prints which I plan...
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After watching a video on Youtube of a man who decided to run a mile every day for the entire year I decided that I would set a goal of sketching one ...
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Coffee is good. It's good hot, it's good cold. Coffee is not good warm or old. The coffee from Starbucks is good and the earlier in the morning it is ...
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